Skylight Installation Services In The Houston Metro Area

For complete skylight installation and repair services in the Houston metro area, contact DeHart Roofing And Home Repair. We are a leading provider of best quality skylights for residential properties in the area. Our roofing contractors have experience in fitting leak proof skylights in different types of roofs in both new and existing structures. We will conduct a complete inspection of your roof to identify an appropriate area for the skylight to prevent your home from excessive heat or brightness. Our outstanding skylight installation will offer a comfortable and soothing environment for you to live in. 

We also provide efficient repair services for discoloration, condensation, water damage, cracked or chipped glass, faulty motors, broken hinges and many other problems in your skylight. 


Why Should You Install Skylight?

A skylight can be a wonderful addition to boost the aesthetic appeal as well as increase the natural light in your home. There are a number of reasons why you should install skylight in your home: 

  • Increases natural light in your home 
  • Creates a healthier environment by releasing foul odors and preventing the growth of micro-organisms
  • Enhances the color of the walls
  • Reduces dependence on air conditioning systems and lowers your energy bills
  • Keeps your home cool during the summer season
  • Provides a natural view without sacrificing privacy

Call Us Today For A Free Roof Inspection! 

At DeHart Roofing And Home Repair, we take pride in delivering the most ideal roofing solutions to the homeowners across the Houston metro area. If you want to install a skylight in your home, get in touch with our roofing contractors. We specialize in installing fixed, venting, tubular, structural, sun tunnels, pyramid, barrel vault and many other types of skylights. Our contractors will inspect the slope of your roof, material used, direction as well as any obstructions between the roof and target room, such as wires or structure boards. Depending upon your unique requirements, we will help you choose the most suitable skylight and make sure it is professionally installed to save you from any problems in the long run. 

Feel free to call at (281) 900 – 1050 for a free roof inspection and skylight installation in the Houston metro area.